The Mexican Inquisition - History

The Mexican Inquisition
"Many people know of the Spanish Inquisition, how much do you know of the Inquisition in colonial Mexico?"
Who was the first bishop of New Spain (colonial Mexico) and consequently the first to engage in inquisitorial proceedings?Fray Juan de Zumárraga
Punishments for similar crimes were similar regardless of the social/ethnic/racial status of the accused?false
What religious position had the power to engage in inquisitorial procedures before the formal founding of the Inquisition in colonial Mexico?bishop
What name best describes the inquisitorial procedures before the formal arrival of a papally sanctioned court?apostolic inquisition
Inquisition courts were composed of several inquisitors who served as judges on the tribunal. After gathering information on the crime how did they reach their verdicts?all members cast a vote
Both the Spanish and Mexican Inquisitions recognized torture as viable practice in their procedure. What was the 'official' rationale behind using torture in Inquisition procedure?verify truthfulness
Indigenous people were subject to the formal Mexican Inquisitionfalse
Modern judicial systems contain many rights for the accused. However, so did the Inquisition, which of the following rights was NOT given to defendants of the Mexican Inquisition?presumption of innocence
Mexico lacked a formal inquisition for many decades before the pope authorized the creation of a formal inquisition modeled on its Spanish counterpart. In what year was this Mexican Inquisition founded?1571
Finally, which of the following groups prosecuted by the Inquisition in Spain were not prosecuted in Mexico?they all were