Our Solution

The solution supports the millennium goals, specifically the primary education theme. The solution works toward providing an education to every child around the world by optimizing education systems already in place.

Our solution is to build upon existing education systems and provide a set of low to no cost web based learning activities that will optimize the current system. This can be done by providing materials, alternatives for lack of training, maximum use of manpower, and a system that allows every child to participate with limited available hardware and funding.

Our solution will build upon a new and proven technology called Multipoint. Multipoint allows multiple students to use one computer at the same time to maximize use with limited hardware and funding. This is done by allowing more than one mouse to participate in the educational activity.

Our solution will provide maximum exposures by providing content through the web. The exposure though the web will provide additional access from students in a nontraditional setting such as students in rural areas or virtual class rooms. There will be many cases with no access to the internet. In this case the system will run locally (or local network) and work just as before, but will not receive updates of new content from around the world unless manually added.

The web based solution will allow for a growing repository of new lessons, courses, and activities to be shared around the world in multiple languages. When teachers create and share lessons, courses, and activities for their Classroom in their local language, an increasing amount of materials will become available and more relevant to other Classrooms around the world and allowing the system to adhere to a wider set of Classrooms in need.

The web based solution will be of little to no cost, by implementing a system that practically eliminates any required technical know-how to setup and use. The time and cost of producing Classroom lesson material will be minimized by the availability of shared material created by other teachers around the world.

Our solution will have simple reporting systems to help monitor the progress of each student. In the case of a very high student to teacher ratio, this allows a single teacher to monitor a large set of students or even remote students in situations that otherwise would have been impossible. This also helps the teacher to monitor the individual progress of students with different levels of education using the same computer.