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Shape Crossword
Cross Word
What word means that two lines go in the same direction and never meet?PARALLEL
What do you call a shape with eleven sidesHENDECAGON
How many sides are there on an octagon?EIGHT
How many sides are there on a quadrilateral?FOUR
What shape has two equal, adjacent sides?KITE
What type of triangle has two equal sides?ISOSCELES
What word means "at right angles"PERPENDICULAR
What shape has four equal sides but no right angles?RHOMBUS
What four-sided shape has one pair of parallel sides?TRAPEZIUM
What triangle has all three sides the same?EQUILATERAL
How many sides does a pentagon have?FIVE
What quadrilateral has two pairs of equal, parallel sides?PARALLELOGRAM
What do you call a triangle with 3 different sides?SCALENE
What do you call a shape with 6 sidesHEXAGON