Rat Race - Whitening

Rat Race
Rat Race
Choose the correct product answer to the question in order to move forward.
What percent is Opalescence Endo?35%
What do you use before placing Opalescence Endo?A glass ionemer
How many arches will one syringe of Boost do?One Arch
How long after whitening should you wait till doing any bonding?7-10 days
What is the strength of Opalescence Boost38%
How long is Opalescence Endo active for?3-5 days
What is the active whitening ingredient in the take-home syringes?Carbamide Peroxide
What product do we recommend to cancer patients?Flor-Opal
What flavor(s) does Treswhite Supreme come in?Mint, melon, and peach
Which take-home syringes are available without PF10%
What does the Potassium Nitrate in our UltraEZ do?It blocks the nerves
What flavor(s) does Treswhite Supreme 15% come in? Mint
What is it that interferes with bond strengths when discussing whitening?Peroxide
What is the active whitening ingredient in Treswhite?Hydrogen Peroxide
What does the flouride in our UltraEZ do?It strengthens the enamel
Which of our whitening is considered Kosher?All of them
What strength of take-home Carbamide peroxide can you not wear overnight?35%
What is the wear time for Treswhite 15%15-20 minutes