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Our Solar System
The solar system - the neighbourhood in which we live on this special planet in an unassuming corner of one of many billions of galaxies in the observable universe. Very poetic. But enough of that - on with the questions! If you studied or are studying the planets and space at school then you should find this quiz a breeze. As for the rest of us, well this quiz may prove a little tricky, and even a little educational! On with the questions and see if you can shine like the sun or if your knowledge is as visible as a black hole when it comes to the solar system...
On average how far from the Earth is the moon?239.000 km
Which planet is most famous for having rings?Saturn
What is the Great Red Spot on Jupiter?a giant storm
How many times stronger is atmospheric pressure on Venus compared to Earth?90
What is Jupiter mainly composed of?Hydrogen
How many moons does Mars have?2
Titan is the largest moon of which planet?Saturn
Which planet is closest to the Earth in size?Venus